Tragedy at Butabika

i felt compassoinate to the sick pple at
butabika and duly made up my mind to
visit the patients. i was sturned by the
critical conditions sme patients succumbed
threw, it was hurting truly.
i never stopped to that, i continued my
survey into the inner yard and this is
where my “hell” begun from..
along the way inside the psycho ward, i
met, matu with his eyes widely open and
teeth out lyk he was laughin at somethin, i
didnt quite understand wat was goin on
until i saw matu pull out a knife he was
hiding at his back, “good gracious!”..be4 i
cud think of anything else, matu was
already on the persue towards me. i ran
for dear life screaming, yelling and shoutin
for help buh no one was their for my
rescue. matu paced me out shoutin naked
insults that i lost all the hope i had for
more life on earth. by this tym, i was crying
and meeing lyk a goat. wat sturned me
was i realised the corridor i ran towards
had dead escape section..this is the
moment i r’mbered God..
i had no hope remaining, i just stopped
runnin, knelt down, and asked God for a
place in heaven..
matu quickly ran towards me, pointin the
knife towards my throat and said “are u
tired of running, okay, get the knife, it’s ur
turn to chase me”


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